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E.g., 22/10/2017
E.g., 22/10/2017
12 October 2017
Precision farming becoming more and more important in modern agriculture
Agriculture faces significant challenges, there is ever-increasing pressure on profit margins and farmers are also trying to produce food in the most sustainable way possible.
05 October 2017
Time is of the essence
To identify timing service needs that are not yet being met by the EGNSS basic time service, the ‘DEMonstrator of EGNSS services based on Time Reference Architecture’ (DEMETRA) project developed a prototype of an EGNSS-based time disseminator that provides time certification, redundancy, resilience, integrity, and improved accuracy, while validating the concept of ‘time as a service’.
03 October 2017
Are you an EGNOS user? We want to hear from you!
With the 2017 EGNOS User Satisfaction Survey, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) aims to gain a clearer picture of the requirements of EGNOS users so it can improve EGNOS service delivery.
27 September 2017
Expanding GNSS performance with assistance data
ELAASTIC technology increases a device’s position accuracy and availability, opening the door to a number of user applications requiring a high-level of performance.
21 September 2017
Broadcom announces world’s first dual frequency GNSS receiver for smartphones
Broadcom Limited, a leading developer of digital and analogue semiconductor connectivity solutions, recently announced the launch of the world’s first mass-market, dual frequency GNSS receiver device for smartphones, the BCM47755.
19 September 2017
Tartu to host SpaceTech Integrated Applications hackathon in November
Engineers, developers, designers, scientists, and other experts will come together at the SpaceTech Integrated Applications hackathon in Tartu, Estonia, on 3-5 November to brainstorm on possibilities for new applications that combine satellite navigation positioning systems, Earth observation data, hardware and social media.
13 September 2017
The essential role of European GNSS in meteorology
With hurricanes battering the US, Europe just coming out of another hot summer, and all signs pointing to climate change – weather dominates both our headlines and our policy-making. But did you know that European GNSS plays an important and growing role in meteorology?
06 September 2017
Japan joins the GNSS table with QZSS
The Japanese government forecasts that 80% of the economic effects from QZSS will be in the car navigation, mobile terminal and value-added mobility application segments. The upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics will also give precise positioning and timing solutions an added boost. This instalment of our GNSS Asia series looks at Japan’s evolving QZSS system and the many benefits it is set to bring.
24 August 2017
Opportunities abound in Taiwan
This instalment of our GNSS in Asia series focuses on the many opportunities for European GNSS companies in Taiwan
22 August 2017
Ample opportunities in Korea
This instalment of our GNSS in Asia series focuses on the many opportunities for European GNSS companies in Korea.